How to open a Securities Cash Account?

Choose one of the following 3 methods:-

(1) Require a Dealer's Representative to call upon you
(2) Request for the Account Opening Documents to be mailed to you
(3) Download the Account Opening Documents - for individual clients only.

a. Client's Agreement - cash - 01_09_07.pdf
b. Risk Disclosure Statements - 01_09_07.pdf
c. Signcard.pdf

Please note that Henyep Securities Limited will be more than happy to open accounts for corporations and non-individual clients. Kindly contact us if such services are required.

Special certification procedures applicable to methods (2) & (3):-
(a) Signing of Uniform Cash Client's Agreement witnessed by a recognized person;
(b) Identity documents certified by a recognized person and must consist of :-
(i) Passport or Identity Card; and
(ii) Address proof document (such as utility bill / important document bearing Client's name and address).

In other words, before the Account Opening Documents are returned to us, they must be witnessed / certified by a recognized person.

A recognized person is any of the following:-
(i) A Justice of the Peace;
(ii) A Bank Manager;
(iii) A Certified Public Accountant or a practising accountant recognized by professional bodies;
(iv) A Lawyer;
(v) A Notary Public; or
(vi) Certification services available from Hongkong Post.